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on the weekend or in the weekend
weekend - One day retreat.
Lopen op blote voeten door het gras, in de zon, lieve mensen, stilte, eerbied en respect, mooie muziek, inspiratie, lekker stoeien en hartelijk lachen, dansen, tekenen en doen waar je zin in hebt, keuze: ik ga van deze retraite genieten!
Preposition: at, in, on the weekend? WordReference Forums.
On the weekend does not necessarily refer to any particular weekend, in the same way that this" weekend" would, although you can use On" weekends, I wash the car, or On" the weekend, I wash the car" for a more generalised.
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AT the weekend or ON the weekend? Woodward English.
It depends on where you are speaking or using English. We used to always go to the beach AT the weekend. We used to always go to the beach ON the weekend. Note: We do NOT say in the weekend.
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grammar at the weekend, on the weekend or in the weekend? English Language Usage Stack Exchange.
at the weekend, on the weekend or in the weekend? up vote 4 down vote favorite. which is the right grammatical saying from these, I" will do my work on the weekend, I" do my work in weekends" or I" will do my work at the weekend?
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At, on and in time English Grammar Today Cambridge Dictionary.
The folk festival is always held on the last weekend in July. Note that American English speakers usually say on the weekend. In or on? We use in with morning, afternoon, evening and night, but we use on when we talk about a specific morning, afternoon, etc, or when we describe the part of the day.
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in the weekend / at the weekend WordReference Forums.
At" the end of the week" is indeed correct in American English, by the way, although I think the meaning would depend on context: it could mean Friday, the end of the work week, or it could mean the weekend.
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Which is correct'in, the weekend or on the weekend? Quora.
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Which one is correct: on the weekend or at the weekend? Quora.
I have an event this or these coming weekend. What is the correct way to say last" weekend" in German? What is the right answer: my husband and I watch a movie last weekend? What're' the differences between at the weekend and on the weekend?
Many learners have asked about the difference between these three phrases: over the weekend, on the weekend, and at the weekend. Ask The Editor Learner's' Dictionary.
The meaning of on the weekend is similar to the meaning of over the weekend, although it is not used quite as often. The two expressions are usually interchangeable and choosing one or the other is mostly a matter of personal preference. In all of the examples below with on the weekend, over the weekend would also be correct.

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